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Merida Pride 2022

By David

Merida Pride 2022. We share our experience!

As every year, the Mérida Gay Tours team was present to cover the most important gay event in the city and here we present you the full story and tips that may be useful to you during your visit in the next edition.

First you should know that it is a large parade, around 20 thousand people, and it has a festive, young, family vibe, it has many well-produced drag queens, many allegorical cars and many media covering the event, both locally and nationally.

This was the first year that it was held on the magnificent French avenue Paseo de Montejo, an icon and unique in Mexico. The result was spectacular, a fun ride, orderly and safe.

We arrived at the starting point, the Monumento a la Patria, where we warmed up our engines to start the great walk that would end in Plaza Grande with a great concert that would last until night.

A highlight for me was going through this important avenue and seeing it full of gay flags, marching, dancing and singing while enjoying the emblematic neo-Porfirian buildings. Definitely this location gives a very unique touch to this march, difficult to match by other cities in the country.

Towards the end of the avenue of Paseo de Montejo, it is where the fashionable restaurants are located, where we observed many members of the expat family who settled down to enjoy the party having some good cocktails or glasses of wine.

Finishing Avenida Montejo we entered the colonial center of Mérida, this is where it became more interesting, because Avenida Paseo de Montejo is a 100% tourist place and in the center of Mérida it was full with people who really live and work there. The good thing about it all is that we were very well received, in fact, many people who came with us to take photos and tell us that they supported our movement and that for me was the best thing.

There were moments of intense rain, but that did not dampen our spirits and many people chose to march and dance to the music of the floats at full volume. Fortunately the rain did not last long and allowed the convoy to reach Plaza Grande.

Because of the rain itself, I suppose that it dissipated the marchers a little, because, although the main square was full, they were definitely less than the 20 thousand that were seen during the march.

The artistic show in Plaza Grande was very well produced with national artists, attracting lgbtq´s and straights alike, since an event of this magnitude and quality is not seen every day in the Plaza Mayor.

We really enjoyed marching, as it is a walk through the most beautiful area of ​​Mérida, however if you want to find a good place to watch the parade for the next edition, I recommend the end of Avenida Paseo de Montejo (Remate Zone), where there are many bars and restaurants with terrace where you will enjoy the event.

After the concert in Plaza Grande, many bars and clubs had their after pride events, such as Papis, Jorges Imperial, Cada Dia bar, Bananas, even some bars were inaugurated that same night, like Dix. Here is a tip, try to get to any of these bars early, since they were full in the early hours, with so many people, all the places exceeded their capacities and many people were left without a party. In fact, we were one of those people; we walked in search of a gay bar to continue the party, even straight Techno clubs like Pompi, everything was full.

This fact did not go unnoticed by many businesses, and I am sure that next year they will want a bit of this slice of the cake and launch a special gay night. Definitely this year the demand exceeded the offer, and that is a good thing, which will cause more events in the next edition.

Our experience in the gay march was spectacular, year after year it is consolidated as a high-class event and we are sure that both you and we will enjoy it next year.

¡Feliz Orgullo!

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