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The Safest City and one of the most beautiful cities in México

Not only Merida has the third largest collection of colonial homes in Latin America (just after Havana and Mexico City), it was also one of Mexico’s richest cities  in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, you will find this evident as you walk around the city. Besides the city has experience a renaissance with the old colonial houses being rescued with a new architectural fresh approach.

The experience

In this tour around Merida expect to see the magic ofthe colonial period, the magnificent of the 19th century boom and modern architecture
- Main Activity -

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In the final decades of the 19th century, Yucatán experienced a period of economic prosperity due to the boom of the henequen industry (Sisal fiber, the green gold), making Merida in on of the richiest cities of Mexico. 

Touring around Merida, we will visit some of those amazing mansions and building that are testimony of that period

In the past decades the city has been experimenting an architectural renaissance, due the rescue and remodelation of old colonial houses, conserving their historic with modern architecture details or designs.

Merida is not all about colonial architecture as you will see. Also you cant miss the museums and galleries to get a glimpse of the art & culture typical from the Yucatan region

Be prepared with your camera ready  while walking in centro, as magic places appears at every corner.

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Alternative Experience

Cantinas Tour

Cantinas = music = mezcal = fun

A good way to get to know Merida and its people is trought cantinas, which are popular bars with regional music, usually very pintoresque, very loudy, very animated people dancing, sometimes kitschy…. very mexican. Cantinas are also a meeting point for local gays, since in the last decades cantinas became more and more popular for the young people (back to basics). 

Cantinas start early, so people can have fun after work. They are located in old colonial houses, so is a round mexican experience. 

In this tour, we will take you through cantinas, gay cantinas, a gay bar and dinner on the Park . Get ready to have some fun. 


Merida has repeatedly ranked as a top city in security and progress  in Mexico. This year Merida was ranked as the city with the best quality life  in Mexico according to an UN study. Come and see why!



Our commitment is to the LGBTQ+ community by increasing visibility. When people are able to see something represented, they are better able to understand and grasp who those people are, and this creates an important shift in the social consciousness to include people from a range of different backgrounds.


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