Gay clubs, friendly bars and monthly gay parties

Merida Gay Scene is very spreaded throughout the city, there is no ghetto here (but, we are everywhere) , non the less we have several options when it comes to have fun and mingle,  some of them are gay friendly and are meeting point for the community, from  electronic clubs to centro´s cantinas, and others are strictly gay. Besides those there are underground monthly gay parties that have become very popular. Other monthly gay parties are done at beautiful colonial houses.




gay friendly places

- gay friendly -

casa chica

What about having some great cokctails in a beatiful big colonial house in the most iconic avenue of Merida (Paseo Montejo).  Cocktail bar, dinner and friends in a place with a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Avenida Montejo, 498 B x 45 y 47,  Centro. Mérida


- gay friendly-

la negrita

La Negrita is a great, inexpensive place for drinks and small plates. The vibe is really the best part though. It’s crowded, full of music and laughter. This is a great place to meet both locals and tourists. Getting a table here can be tricky so plan ahead.. Calle 62, 415 Centro. From 12:00-22:00

- gay friendly-

la fundación mezcaleria

 This is an awesome bar. They’ve nailed everything: great decor/lighting/interior space; top music ( live funk band, followed by  DJ playing quite a varied mix: lots of reggaeton; funk; ska); great drinks list; a fun and welcoming crowd (mostly locals, some language students & tourists too). Good vibes, good times! Calle 56, 465 x 53 y 55. Centro

gay bars and discos

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blue gay club

temporally closed due Covid

This must be the most known gay club in Merida, just 10 minutes away from centro. It gather a eclectic gay crowd,  locals, tourists, young, old, everyone comes here. There is a little bit for every one, so this place can be very fun. The night starts with a Drag Queen Shows and lipsing performances. After the Drag there comes the strippers, muscle handsome guys leaves nothing to imagination (later on on the night you can buy them a drink to have a interesting chat with them). After the strippers show the dance floor is open and everyone jump on it to dance. The music vary between, pop, circuit, reggaeton.  Colon Avenue with Reforma Avenue. Inside the parking of the Colon Cinemas.

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Papis is conviniently located nexto to Blue Bar, well, very close. Following the same line as Blue, Papis features a good number of stripper for your eyes. Paying a drink to the stripper allow you to chat and have fun with them while they finish the drink.
papis gay merida bar
- gay-

pk2 disco bar

temporally closed due Covid

PK2 is a disco bar with stripper shows and 2X1 local beers until midnight. Weekends it’s packed with a younger, mixed crowd, but there’s an enclosed outdoor space for a breath of air. Calle 56 (X 53 Y 57) Centro. Mérida

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cantinas tour

Cantinas = music = mezcal = fun

A good way to get to know Merida and its people is trought cantinas, which are popular bars with regional music, usually very pintoresque, very loudy, very animated people dancing, sometimes kitschy…. very mexican. Cantinas are also a meeting point for local gays, since in the last decades cantinas became more and more popular for the young people (back to basics). 

Cantinas start early, so people can have fun after work. They are located in old colonial houses, so is a round mexican experience. 

In this tour, we will take you through 4 of the best and new cantinas at centro. Get ready to have some fun. 


- Experience-

merida after dark

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