Off the beaten path

Biosphere Reserve

In the Peninsula of Yucatan you will find endless experiences. We have curated the most off the beaten path experience for those one willing to go further the turistic places and conect with nature. Prepare for a trip to a secret paradise full of vivid nature, endemic species contemplation and visit to pure mexican beach town.

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The experience

Off the beaten path

Yucatan is the ideal destination for exploration, with a wide territory, still much to discover. In this tour we take you to practically virgin places, unknown by most tourists. In these destinations you can have a connection with nature, an authentic experience and always following basic rules of sustainable tourism so as not to disturb the fauna or the site itself. 


We will go to the east of Mérida, passing different small towns and Mayan villas, we will arrive at the coastal town to the east of the Yucatan coast. Here we will meet with a family from the town that is dedicated to both fishing and raising awareness of the natural beauty of the site.
We will cross the coast until we reach a fork that creates an estuary, and where we will go through mangrove swamps contemplating hundreds of endemic birds in the region such as Herons, Cormorants, Roseate Spoonbills and, of course, flamingos! We will arrive at a sand bar where many birds live (bird island) and we will be able to enjoy the sea and an incomparable view.
We will arrive at a beautiful cenote in the middle of the mangrove swamp where we will also have a time of relaxation by refreshing ourselves in its crystal clear turquoise waters.
During the tour we will visit the phenomenon of Ojo de Agua within the sea, where thousands of gallons of fresh water flow per minute, not far from the coast, and where we can swim and it is completely safe.
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Our commitment is to the LGBTQ+ community by increasing visibility. When people are able to see something represented, they are better able to understand and grasp who those people are, and this creates an important shift in the social consciousness to include people from a range of different backgrounds.


Our commitment is to the environment. We are living at the edge of a time where sustainability actions are a must. As in every part of the world, Yucatan has its own specific environmental challenges. It’s our responsibility to pass this knowledge to our customers to reduce impact on nature while still enjoying it.


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