A City of Mistery and Legend

The city of Uxmal is associated with mystery and legend. One story suggests that the city’s first king was bested by a magical dwarf named Itzamna, who won the position as Uxmal’s king by constructing the tallest monument in the city in one night. That ceremonial pyramid is now known as the “Pyramid of the Magician” or the “Pyramid of the Soothsayer.” You can sense the history here as you walk around and gaze at the stunning architecture and majestic layout of this ancient city.

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The experience

Get ready to have fun and explore what once was a major complex city in the maya civilization. History and culture in this tour guided by our super host and the Uxmal expert guides. But not everything is history, the water factor is present in the tour when visiting a beautiful maya cenote to refresh us in the crystalline water​.

Uxmal archaelogical site

Socially and artistically, Uxmal was one of the most important cities in the Mayan World. Being no less majestic and magical than Chichen Itza, the fact Uxmal is less visited by tourists, makes it a much more enticing and awe-inspiring Mayan ruin experience.

Part of the charm when visiting Uxmal is that you actually walk through the city, climb pyramids, walk through arches and from one point of the mayan city to the other.

Uxmal style is characteristic of the Puuc style, of which Uxmal may be the best representative.
The fine carvings and the elegance of its architecture shows that Uxmal was a political, administrative and trade Centre of major importance. With up to 25000 inhabitants, for about 300 years Uxmal was the most powerful site in western Yucatán, and in alliance with Chichén Itza, dominated all of the northern Maya area.
Even today while the city has been abandoned for centuries, its majesty still radiates. Indeed, Uxmal is considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Maya culture.


Dont forget your speedo!

cenote + hacienda experience

We will visit a unique beauty of a nature wonder in the south of Yucatan. Get ready to experience the charm and the magic of the old Hacienda and cenotes, a place full of history, culture, nature and mysticism. You will swim in the magesty of the cenotes “Carlota” and “Azul Maya.


The guided tour recreates the fantastic history of the Hacienda, bringing back the past of one of the most thriving farms in Yucatan during the henequen era. When the henequen boom faded the farm stayed closed for a long time. At present days the “hacienda” has been preserved almost in its original state, with very few restorations.

- Alternative Experience when visiting Uxmal -

choco story museum

What seems like a total tourist trap, located right across from Uxmal, is actually an extremely well-done museum that goes far beyond the story of chocolate. Mayans are credited with the discovery cocoa after all, so the museum does examine its origins here. But Choco-Story ultimately delves deep into the Mayan civilization and culture, which we found to be more in-depth and informative than the onsite museum at neighboring Uxmal, or any of the other ruin sites for that matter. 

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