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The perfect route to see as much as you can from Yucatan in one day. Join us in this amazingly planned tour where you will visit one of the most beautiful cenotes, a majestic mayan ruins and finshing the day resting at the best spot in the Progreso Beach.  One the right season we also  visit the beautiful Pink Lagoons of Progreso

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The experience

- First stop -

cenote xlacah

Just 15 min outside Merida we can acces this magical cenote within the Archeological Site of Dzibichaltun.  Instead of being deep underground, the waters in this cenote sit at ground level, making it easy to access for old and young alike. During May Xlacah is at its peak, where crystalline blue waters, freshly-bloomed irises and tiny fish that inhabit the cenote combine for a swimming experience like no other.


- Second stop -

dzibilchaltun ruins

A one of a kind archeological site! Dzibilchaltun was a large settlement and still occupied when the Spanish arrived during the 1500s. We will explore both important mayan ruisn and also colonial spanish ruins.  Highlights are the large plaza, sacbe trails, the Temple of the Dolls, and the Open Chapel, an unusual amphitheater shaped structure.

- Third stop -

progreso beach

Puerto Progreso is located in only half an hour from Merida , is the nearest beach and also the most important port in the Yucatan. Lately a lot of new restaurants and renovated spots is making Progreso shine with a new vibe.  Join us to explore our favorite spots at Progreso for beachday and lunch

- Alternative stop -

progreso pink lagoon

Walk around La Laguna Rosada, a body of pink water where some colonies of flamingos live, do not forget to bring a good lens for your camera because you will need to photograph these nice and spiky animals from a distance. This site is known as Xtampu, and is a millenial site where mayans from Xcambo (hundred of meters away) obtained salt to use it as an exchange currency.

- Alternative stop -

xcambo archaeological site

Xcambo is next to Xtampu pink lagoons. Xcambo is on of the few archaeological sites next to the beach, and it was an important site for commerce on sea routes. Is a quiet site with less tourists where climmbing the pyramids is still allowed



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