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The 5 most instagrammable spots in Yucatán

The 5 most instagrammable spots in Yucatán

If your are photo lover, you are in the right place, Yucatán (México)!. Breathtaking landscapes, explosion of colors, culture diversity, places that seems lost in time,  are just the perfect mix to the good eye photographer.

By David

Even when Merida and Yucatan have thousands of visitors per year, there are still a lot of hidden places not known for many. Of course Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Centro of Merida, the beaches of the coast, all, are well-known and are excellent places to get the perfect photo, this list considers the best off the beaten path spots that most of tourist will never known, only people that have been living a while in Yucatan and are passionate travelers, know about it.

These spots are  unique and photogenic,  that it´s  gonna be hard to take a bad picture. So take your full charged camera and get ready to get some insta likes!

Calcehtok Cave

The longest dry-cave system on the Yucatán Peninsula. More than 4km have been explored so far, and two of the caves’ 25 vaults exceed 100m in diameter (one has a 30m-high ‘cupola’). The caves hold abundant and impressive natural formations; however, if you’re claustrophobic, have a fear of dark spaces or don’t like getting dirty, this definitely isn’t for you.

On the tour, you will eventually arrive to a cave with a pedestal rock in the center, just below the opening on the ceiling. This view is awesome, totally worth of the challenging tour through the caves. (Photo credit IG@ Pameferraez)

Palacio de Gobierno

This could be one of the most unnoticed spots in Merida. Palacio de Gobierno is located just in the center at zocalo, next to the Cathedral, and is as stunning as you see in the photo. The lighting of the room, the paintings at the walls and the reflections on the antique mosaic floor, will give you the most spectacular view of the majestic old times of the city. (Photo credit IG@ missjo5ie)

Coqui Coqui Casa de los Santos

Located in the enchanting town of Izamal (likewise as instagramable), this place offers a peaceful and secluded retreat for explorers. This is an eclectic  perfume store, spa and hotel boutique. The design is so representative of the renaissance of restored old colonial houses in Yucatan and fuses the worlds of religious folklore, history and modernity.

You will find many details worth of a picture. A feast to your camera, you will have hard time figuring out what is the best picture to upload to your Instagram. (Photo credit IG@ robyncatinella).

Las coloradas

Hidden away on the tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is a magical place full of color. These stunning cotton-candy pink lakes filled with salt are called Las Coloradas.

As with similar places in Australia and Senegal, the peculiar pigment is produced by halobacteria, a type of microorganism found in water saturated with salt.

The region is part of the Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, a protected wetlands area home to animals like flamingos, crocodiles, sea turtles, jaguars, and all kinds of sea birds. The reserve covers some 150,000 acres.

The highest the sun is, the more intense will the color in the lake be. This means that noon is the perfect time to snap that much needed picture of the place. (Photo credit IG@ andathousandwords).

Cenote Suytun

Is hard to choose just one cenote to introduce it to the list, all of them are simple stunning, but most of the time their beauty is hard to capture in a photo. Cenote Suytun is different, its symmetrical path to the center of the cenote that meets a ray of light entering through the opening in the ceiling down in to the water, will make you live for it. This is not one of the most visited cenotes,  so you may have a better chance to take a good picture. Cenote Suytun is located 5 miles away from Valladolid (Chichen-Itza area). (Photo credit IG@ Jared Rice). Click here to go their webiste and learn more about it.

+ Bonus: Hacienda Mucuyche 

Recently renovated. This hidden place is starting to be considered a must when visiting Mérida. Near Uxmal ruins you will find this renovated old Hacienda to spend the day. It has two amazing natural cenotes, but the main atracction that gained the loved and admiration of many is theur amazing landscape design of water paths conecting both cenote.  You can visit Hacienda Mucuyche on our Uxmal Tour or Cenotes Tour. (Photo credit IG@meridagaytours). 

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