Dress to kill in Yucatan


Dress to


in Yucatan

By David

Oh Yucatan!. A land full of history, diversity and especially vibrant colors. The diversity of its natural landscape make this possible. From the turquoise water beaches, deep green cenotes, vibrant pink lagoons or magical yellow towns. Though the time each destination has acquired its own personality, colors are essential in its narrative. Locals, photographers and Instagramers know this very well. A well prepared photo lover traveler will prepare its outfit to take the most out of the fantastic locations.

Preparing the right outfit in Yucatan depends on the spot to go, it may be an obvious choice if you live here, but our goal with this post is to share this common knowledge to outsiders visiting Yucatan for the first, and surely not the last, time. 


Pueblo Magico

Magic Town

A town like no other, Izamal got its distinctive yellow color in 1993, the year that Pope Juan Pablo II visited the town. To commemorate such an important guest Izamal government decided to paint the main street with the colors of the Vatican flag. Looks like everyone loved the view, so they keep painting the rest of the town the following years. The result is stunning.

Knowing this this, is obvious that yellow is the color to wear, or some yellow accessories to match the surroundings. Brown colors are perfect to match the many wooden doors of the town´s houses.  Also keep in mind white is another important color since houses are decorated with white elements, so it’s another great choice to wear.

Las Coloradas

An amazing location increasing popularity in recent years.  Las Coloradas are pink lagoons at the east side of Yucatan state coast, they are the result of a process to produce salt, also they are called “las salineras”. This process was used as well by the mayas of the region, even there are salineras next to archaeological sites.

Keep in mind you are not allow to swim here, don’t worry, the good news is that just meters away of  Las Coloradas, there is Rio Lagartos beaches, with a stunning blue color.

So Pink is what most well prepared travelers choose. But also photos of models wearing red or white will look amazing.


Pueblo Magico

Magic Town

Valladolid is always in the lightspot thanks to its closeness with Chichen Itza, one of the most important Archeological sites of Mexico. Valladolid is one of those Mexican towns you only dream about: small, picturesque, colorful, clean and quiet.

Unlike Izamal this town is not painted all in same color, But, there are some famous spots within the town that is worth to visit with the idea in mind of getting great shoots.  

For example, the San Bernardino Convent, it is painted in red and pink, its pink passages emanates stories by itself. Or La Casona restaurant with and magnificent fountain.   Good colors to wear goes from red to pink to white. Take some ideas with the pictures below.  




Cenotes draw the attention to internet users all over the globe. There are the spots everyone is so excited to visit when arriving to Yucatan. Places to have fun, make fresh unforgettable moments, and of course take amazing photos to posterity. So why not thinking your outfit in advance.

For cenotes the best choice to match the scenary is black, simple and elegant, it will merge perfectly with outstanding environment. Also different tones of green will work to give a fresh and natural impression to the photo. And least but not last , you can use white color, it will give a punch to the view with the crystalline water.




Tulum Vibes

Tulum nowadays is a referent in fashion destination. Its closeness to Cancun and Playa del Carmen put it on spotlight years ago, but unlike its sister cities, Tulum have able to maintain a relaxing vibe, with bars and restaurants merging with the nature of the area. All this vibe have been transmitted to the fashion of Tulum.

There is not a specific color to match Tulum, instead Tuluminatti  fashion is a lifestyle. Relaxed and transgressor, don’t be afraid to break the rules. For women embroidered, white, neutral with flowers or black dresses. For men, sometimes more is more here, no shoes and hats are always a good choice.

All these fantastic locations of Yucatan draw the attention of instagrammers, bloggers and the gay community from all over the world. Yucatán is a place to history enthusiast, art and design lovers and nature explorers. This is way is getting more relevant in the gay scene year after year. We hope you enjoy this introduction to a part of Yuctan lifestyle, don’t forget to tag us in your photos.

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