Isla Mujeres

The best way to enjoy a sail through the blue Mexican Caribbean waters. Open bar, snacks, and fun! Includes snorkel activities in the second largest barrier reef in the world and the stunning sub acuatiq museum and fun in the best beach club

Hosted By Ricardo

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The experiences

Trip to the Island

We will start with a fun private boat trip to the Island.  No crowds, no kids.  The best way to enjoy a sail through the blue Caribbean waters. Snacks and drinks including on the trip.


Inland experience

We will dock at the north part of the island, where our golf cars await us for an epic ride across the island with the best views of our favorite spots. Isla Mujeres beaches are ranked as one of the top beaches in the world. Discover why


We will reach the southern part of the island for a visit to the mayan Ruins of Ixchel, the Goodes of the moon, where Isla Mujeres get its name.


Underwater experiences

After exploring the island with the Golf Carts, we will go back to our private boat, this time to explore the island underwater. We will explore the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef at 4 stops, A shallow water deep, a deeper spot, the Sub Aquatic Museum, and then the southern part of the Island. The Measoamerican Barrier Reef is the second largest in the world, where you can spot an amazing diversity of fishes and even turtles are common to see.



Snorkeling at MUSA

With the aim of alleviating the deterioration of marine habitats, the MUSA or Underwater Museum of Art was born in 2009, an artistic initiative whose task is to create marine ecosystems from sculptures that form reefs. It is possible to enjoy the seabed by diving or snorkeling. Enjoy both, the amazing caribbean sea and an art sculpture museum.

Last stop

Last but not least. Our last stop is the Beach Club at North Beach, time to relax, have lunch while enjoying one of the best beaches in the world



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