Maya City


The ancient maya city surrounded by jungle. Back in the time, Coba was an important city of the region, so vast ,that even now traveling across the city is a experience that requiere walking moderate distances or bike riding.

The experience

Reach the top

Few mayan sites will allow you to explore and see as much as Coba. Coba City was actually a city with the buildings spread among the jungle, it has the biggest network of sacbe (mayan roads) of mesoamerica (dont worry we will have a fun ride on bikes to reach each buildings). Since nowdays is not the most popular site in the region, you will not only see less tourist, but also that allow us to be able to climb to the biggest pyramid of the mayan world, to see a magnificent view from the top.  


Next spot is an oasis near the Coba archaeological site, an incredible cenote with sparkling waters and blue hues that flow all along thr illuminated cave in  a very pleasant atmosphere. It´s a true gift of nature for cooling off after visiting the maya archeological site.



Our commitment is to the LGBTQ+ community by increasing visibility. When people are able to see something represented, they are better able to understand and grasp who those people are, and this creates an important shift in the social consciousness to include people from a range of different backgrounds.

While Equal Marriage is allowed by the Supreme Constitution of México, States needs to change their own Constitution. Slowly, most of the states in Mexico have done it since 2013. In the case of Yucatán, we are still on the fight with the local conservative congress to pass the bill.


Our commitment is to the environment. We are living at the edge of a time where sustainability actions are a must. As in every part of the world, Yucatan has its own specific environmental challenges. It’s our responsibility to pass this knowledge to our customers to reduce impact on nature while still enjoying it.

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  • Include regular admissions of archeological site & cenote. 
  • Include guide fees
  • Include drinks, beers & snacks during road transportation. 
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  • Individual and personalized exclusive tour on your pace.
  • A happy and experienced gay guide who loves his job.
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  • No kids, only adults tour
  • Flexibility to add alternative experiences.

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* Price departing from   Riviera Maya  (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum).