Right now a visit to Tulum is a must when visiting Riviera Maya. Tulum eco chic vibes are so unique, people from all over the world travel to explore this exotic destination. Tulum is a quiet place to connect with nature, but has a strong offer of activities to do as well.  

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The experience

Tulum is located south of Cancun  about 2 hours drive and 1 hour drive from Playa del Carmen

Tulum archeological site

The maya city that started all, before being on of the most beloved beach destination of the world, Tulum was the first Mayan city spotted by the Spanish in the 15th century. Tulum (which means “fortified wall” in Maya) was once an important center for the cult of the “descending god”. Tulum is set on a small cliff with a  spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea  


snorkeling the reef

After the visit to the archaeological site, we will take  a boat trip   to the coral reef, which happens to be the second biggest coral reef of the world. We will swim and snorkel. Amazing corals, fishes and turtles is the fauna you can spot here.

Due Covid some attractions are closed and information on the internet may not be updated. Information is changing constantly and quickly, thats why MGT is in constant contact with staff in Riviera Maya to get daily updates. You dont want unwanted surprises, you are in the right place.



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