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The city of Uxmal is associated with mystery and legend. One story suggests that the city’s first king was bested by a magical dwarf, who won the position as Uxmal’s king by constructing the tallest monument in the city in one night. That ceremonial pyramid is now known as the “Pyramid of the Magician”.

Socially and artistically, Uxmal was one of the most important cities in the Mayan World. Being no less majestic and magical than Chichen Itza, the fact Uxmal is less visited by tourists makes it a much more enticing and awe-inspiring Mayan ruin experience.

When visiting Uxmal, part of the charm is that you walk through the city, climb pyramids, walk through arches, and from one point of the Mayan city to the other.

Even today while the city has been abandoned for centuries, its majesty still radiates. Indeed, Uxmal is considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Maya culture.

After Uxmal, we will visit a beautiful Hacienda and two amazing cenotes to take a dip in the water of their majestic channels, and then we will have a delicious Yucatecan lunch by the pool. Don´t forget your speedo!


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