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When visiting Izamal you will discover a city that lives with three cultures: the ancient Mayan, the colonial and the bustling modern Izamal.

A fun day trip to this yellow town. Your super gay host will take you through the most magic and authentic spots. Visit the iconic San Antonio de Pauda Ex-Convent, Mayan Pyramids within the town’s main square, and other hot spots. You will fall in love with its places and exquisite Yucatecan cuisine while discovering some curiosities we will tell you about on this site. Get ready with your camera, Izamal offers great photo opportunities for Instagrammers!

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The Mexico you’ve always wanted to discover

To visit Izamal is to visit a city/town that is alive with three cultures – the ancient Maya, the colonial, and the present-day bustling Izamal.

Izamal is a monument of color, history, and pride that can be felt in its streets and buildings. Art, music, and gastronomy are all around you!

Izamal is called the City of Three Cultures because three historical periods merge: the pyramids seen looking at the sky in the backyard of local houses; the convent, whose charm stems from the silence of the majestic walls that forever marked the footprint of the Spanish influence; the streets, buildings, squares, houses and churches, all in a harmonious visual rhythm of one color: yellow.

Get exclusive access to renovated colonial houses and be amazed by uniques styles of architecture. Dream places with the essence of colonial history, sometimes minimalist, sometimes heavily loaded with Mexican sacred art.

A one of a kind culinary experience! We will take you to the best restaurant in the region.


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Our commitment is to the environment. We are living at the edge of a time where sustainability actions are a must. As in every part of the world, Yucatan has its own specific environmental challenges. It’s our responsibility to pass this knowledge to our customers to reduce impact on nature while still enjoying it.

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