Roses & Xocolate is best defined by luxury, tranquility and art, a gay friendly hotel Boutique (previously two colonial houses) on the busiest avenue of Merida, Av. Montejo.

This great hotel won the “Icons of Design” prize by Architectural Digest in 2011 for the great elegance and beauty that this space transmits. The beautiful hotel was refurbished and unified by the amazing Mexican architectural office of Salvador Reyes Rios and Josefina Larrain, under the idea and concept of Carlos Kolozs. The hotel is composed of seventeen rooms that retain the character of elegance, with high ceilings, private terraces and amenities that will make it feel like home. Each room has its own charm because each one is made up differently. The environment is totally artistic, varying in the palette of pink to yellow, with natural stone and different atmospheres of the natural light throughout the day.


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