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Chairs from Hunucma


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Hunucama, Yucatán

Hunucma, in the Yucatec Maya Language: “only answers”, is a mayan village at the north of the Yucatan state with population of 30,000 people


Black Smith and Fiber

The work si done by locals people, in a blacksmith workshops managed by the community. The Fibers are actually rubbed and proeccesed to get  a nice and vivid variety of colors



Once the skeletum of the chair is done , the procces of acordonado is done, carefully and slowly to guarantued a longlast tight suppor of the chair. Woodpieces are done separatly and brought togheter as a final step


Workforce and talent

Talented workers from Hunucma who have gained skill are the men and women behind these art pieces.  

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Mesdoras and Columpios

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We can work with your specific ideas of design


Variety of Colores: 12
Chairs Models: 9
Average worked hours per piece: 20
Average weight: 15 kg
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We would like to extend to you the opportunity to help small mayan communities. We believe this products are as high quality and wich so much more stories behind than those furnitures sold by big chain stores. 

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